Logo partner: 
Memorandum of understanding with the University of Florence to share actions regarding innovation and implementation of the objectives of the Digital Agenda.
The Memorandum with the University aims to valorise ongoing joint actions, such as the diffusion of the FirenzeWiFi open city system, participation in partnerships in European projects (within the sphere of Horizon2020), and the diffusion of digital contents over different communication channels (Digital Signage), and to initiate new joint dissemination actions, as for example the co-promotion of events publicising the innovative services offered to citizens and enterprises (like Open Data) or like actions for the formation and guidance in the territory of start-ups and new professional figures related to the diffusion and use of digital services in the city.
Concrete results:: 
The co-promotion of events regarding innovation (Open Data, Smart city, digital services), participation in Horizon2020 European projects for implementing in the city of Florence innovative solutions at European level regarding issues related to the Smart city and Digital Agenda (urban safety, open government, transparency, apps.)
Benefits for the city: 
Citizens, students and researchers will benefit from the joint actions of the City Administration and University, since they will have various occasions to discover the new digital services available in Florence, and will be able to experiment European level state-of-the-art solutions to use contents and apps for mobile devices. Small businesses will be able to take advantage of the open data platforms co-promoted by the City Administration and University, developing new applications or new business ideas on public information resources.
Duration of memorandum: 
from February 2015 to February 2018
The memorandum: