AOU Careggi

Logo partner: 
Memorandum of understanding with Careggi University-Hospital Agency for sharing initiatives in the territory regarding digital services and new channels for distributing information to the public.
The Memorandum with Careggi University-Hospital Agency validates past initiatives for sharing important digital assets (primarily Firenze WiFi) and relaunches joint actions on new fronts such as Open Data, European projects, Digital Signage, and the exchange of information in applications for citizens.
Concrete results:: 
Opening of “digital windows” on Careggi with institutional contents issued by the City Administration (first system with Careggi URP), information from the City Administration also in the Careggi Smart Hospital app, increase in WiFi in the hospital and new digital signage displays with contents produced by the City Administration and other subjects in the city network.
Benefits for the city: 
Citizens in the Careggi hospital area will benefit from the new points where they can find out what is going on in the city, they will have more and more free WiFi hotspots in the city and an increase in the contents and services provided by the City Administration in the Careggi Smart Hospital mobile system.
Duration of memorandum: 
from December 2014 to December 2019
The memorandum: