Tuscany Region

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Memorandum of understanding with the Tuscany Region for joint development of the information and knowledge society and for taking part in creating the digital agenda.
The Memorandum with the Tuscany Region covers the sharing of technological innovation initiatives pursued by the Tuscany Region and the City of Florence, by valorising the digital infrastructural assets created by the two Bodies (open data, payment services, infrastructural systems), with the aim of valorising the quality and quantity of the digital services offered by the City of Florence.
Concrete results:: 
There will be an increase in the mutual exchange of data regarding regional and city taxation data. New payment channels will be promoted and the use of regional infrastructures will be maximised. (data centre).
Benefits for the city: 
Citizens will be able to pay for services offered by the City Administration also through the IRIS regional payment system and healthcare POS in hospitals – they will be able to use the apps or services on line devised by the City Administration (eg. FirenzeMia), where they will also find data held by the Tuscany Region (eg. vehicle licenses) – they will also receive more services and data of interest from the Public Administration over more channels, regardless of who issues or holds them.
Duration of memorandum: 
from December 2014 to December 2017
The memorandum: