Digital Florence Plan

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Memorandum of understanding “Digital Florence Plan 2016-18” for the development of innovative digital services and sharing of existing resources among promoters.
The Three-year “Digital Florence” Plan represents the desire to create in the Florentine area a joint pilot work experience between the Tuscany Region, Florence City Administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Cispel Toscana in representation of the Florentine participated agencies, to include existing resources (data, instruments, strategies) in the system and implement actions leading to the promotion of innovative digital services.
Concrete results:: 
It is anticipated that there will be an improvement in existing services and the introduction of new digital services which, commencing from integration of the city’s data banks, will bring benefits to other sectors: in the management of city mobility and road construction sites, in communications with citizens and the fight against tax evasion, in an extension of the WiFi network and the promotion of digital competences.
Benefits for the city: 
The main objective is to improve the quality of services offered so as to improve the quality of life of citizens, for example, by facilitating access to digital services and information of public interest, minimising wastefulness of public resources, controlling transformation in the city and minimising inconvenience caused by interventions on urban ground, favouring the fluid mobility of persons and goods and maximising attractiveness of the area.
Duration of memorandum: 
Three years, from 2016 to 2018