Digital Florence serves to pinpoint the structural and systemic conditions of the relationship between Bodies, participated agencies, firms and citizens, so that they can all take advantage of digital services and useful information, without having to bother about which individual subject in the city is actually producing them, for the purpose of simplifying and maximizing use of the services offered.

Benefits of the Digital Florence 2016 – 2018 Plan:

The main beneficiaries of the Plan are the citizens and city users, to whom the new digital services are addressed in a logic of better liveability and usability of the city, but the project is also addressed, with quantifiable organizational, economic and managerial benefits, to all participating subjects (public service participated Agencies, the Public Administrations involved, Florence Chamber of Commerce, etc.) in a win-win logic.  

In the short-medium term, the Plan will have positive repercussions on local economy, mainly: by minimising wastefulness, including existing resources in the system, proposing innovative services for citizens and city users, optimising the Agencies’ management processes, maximizing attractiveness of the territory with important positive effects for citizens, for the Agencies involved and for the enterprises that operate on a permanent or temporary basis in the surrounding territory.  

The benefits will derive mainly from the positive repercussions of system projects: for example, thanks to optimisation of management processes and instruments, it will be possible to plan and rationalise the management of work-sites with important effects on urban mobility, intervention costs, but also on the usability of retail outlets operating in the area involved in the works: the creation of a single city digital platform will facilitate access to information regarding the services of Utilities and the City Administration, minimising the inconvenience urban transfers, dematerializing procedures and reducing costs in terms of time and money.